The Art of WHY is a Book About Finding Your Purpose in Both Life and Business Then Mastering It

Be honest with yourself… WHY are you in the business you are in? Are you in this for the cash? The power? The fame? To help others? All of these? None of these? This book will help you learn how to answer the right questions first, then keep your WHY as the motivation in every phase of building your business. When worked thoroughly, the 10 steps from The Art of WHY will transform the way you prioritize and master your WHY.

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“Powerful! This book is a great investment into the breath taking future we all deserve!”

-Roquita Williams, President, World Trade Club

“The Art of WHY is a MUST read for aspiring entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and anyone who feels like they’re meant to do something bigger in life.  I’m recommending this book to all of my clients…the clarity, confidence and inspiration it provides is priceless.

-Natasha Hazlett, CEO / Attorney at Fast Forward Marketing

“Frankie Russo candidly shares his own life lessons and tips to reactivate your thought process.  The exercises will enable you to map out the path to your greatest destiny. Brilliant Read!”

-Valerie Brunnberg, CEO  Fit, Fab, and Lean

“I wish I’d had this book in medical school. Fantastic!”

-John Anderson MD, Orthopedic Surgeon

“If you want to master your life check this out. Great book and killer content! I love the exercises! A must read!”

-Michael Manges, Singer/Songwriter

“This book is great! Ten easy steps and Chapter 6 was the best! Will be giving as business gifts this year! Kuddos to the guy who wrote this!”

-AnonymousAmazon Book Review

“Every page deserves a day; every word an hour because the content is so rich and so profound.

-Dr. Richard Weiskoff Ph. D, Professor University of Miami


The Art of Why Book by Author Frankie Russo

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